Making Time to Write

I sit here typing and eating Harvest Snap Crisp Peas. My cats want a piece. I have all the time in the world to twitter and type away.

All jokes aside, writing is another job. If you work full time finding the opportunity to write gets to be a challenge.

I write when the mood hits but also plug in time each day.  If I have the luxury of a lunch break and no one is around, off I go.

Certain times like at the end of the day after dinner is over and no one is bugging me… That is another great time to take out my pen.

I like to have a pen and paper with me while I’m in the car. Sometimes characters speak to me while I am behind the wheel. If I don’t seize the moment and write it all down, I won’t remember later.  ( I pull over to do this.)

To all the working and writing women with full time jobs and infants or little kids, my hat goes off to you.


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